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Why Londr?

Live your life and earn while the washing machine runs


You are paid $32 for every bag of laundry washed. Your earnings are easy and allow you to catch up on your favorite shows while your washing machine runs.

Why Londr

Best gig in town. Better money. Better safety. Better relationship. Better life. Trade in your daily driving marathon with more time with family while the washing machine runs and earns you extra income.


Do you have a car, a washer, and a dryer? Then you are all set, and can start earning today!

…working with Londr has really helped my family during this crazy time. So THANK YOU for creating a business that works so well with our current needs!

— Brandee

How it works

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    Sign up

    Create your free account. Choice an authentication provider.

    sign up
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    Receive Job Notifications

    Whenever a job is scheduled in your area, you will receive a notification.

    receive job
  • 3

    Pick Up

    At the specified time, drive to pick up the Londr bags placed outside the designated address.

    pick up
  • 4

    Wash and Dry

    Start you wash and dry cycles in the comforts of your home.

  • 5

    Fold and Return

    Fold the clean clothes and place them inside the Londr bag. Return to the same address within 24 hours of pick up.

    fold clothes
  • 6

    Receive Payment

    Once your job has been confirmed as delivered, you will receive payment.

    receive money


  • How do I receive jobs?

    Jobs are broadcast to all washers within range of a customer. Accept a job by following the link in the text, and pressing 'Take This Job'. Then provide updates to your customer when you pick up and deliver the job using those buttons on that job's page.

  • Can I take multiple jobs at once?

    Not right now. We've received feedback that people want this, and we also need to be able to ensure laundry in jobs doesn't get mixed up. As we solve this problem we will update this website and our Londr Washer support page on facebook.

  • Can I do jobs at the laundromat?

    Absolutely. Check out our How to Make Money page for information about how going to the laundromat affects your earnings. Basically, your total earnings decrease, but your dollar per hour rate would increase.

  • How many loads fit in a Londr bag?

    Typically, a "load" is determined by the kind and color of clothes being laundered, the size of your machines, and how tightly you pack (both the machine and the Londr bag). For these reasons, a 39 gallon Londr bag contains somewhere between 2.5 and 5 loads of laundry.

  • What do I do if the job doesn't match the description?

    The most fair way to price laundry is to weigh it. If you suspect the job isn't the right size, load the dry laundry into a bag, and follow the instructions at www.londr.com/scale/ to weigh the job. Then text that weight to the Londr number and we will help to make adjustments if necessary.

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