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How to

Making money is easy, safe, and reliable with Londr.

To receive job notifications and accept payment, you'll need to complete your washer profile. There you will decide how far you are willing to drive to pick up a job by setting your mileage parameters. You will then begin receiving job notifications within that predetermined range via SMS.

Once the clothing in that job has been washed, dried, folded and returned to the customer, you will receive payment.

Washers receive


for every bag.

One Bag

Picking up 2 bags for one job?

Receive $64

in payment.

Two Bags

Picking up 3 bags for one job?

Receive $96

in payment.

Three Bags

Requirements & Suggestions

Follow our Washer Requirements & Suggestions to ensure your customers are satisfied. Complete customer satisfaction could lead to increased opportunities for you to ear. Customers can choose to list you as a "Preferred Washer." In doing so, all future jobs they schedule will be sent to you first, and only shared with our entire network of Washers should you decide not to accept the job.

At Home or the Laundromat

Going to the laundromat can give you a better dollar-per-hour rate, even though your overall pay is less. However, doing the wash at home may feel less like you're "on the job". Here is an example for a large 2 bag job:

At Home
At Laundromat