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& Suggestions

What are the requirements of each job?

  • Keep each job separate from other jobs.
  • Keep each job separate from personal laundry.
  • Return ALL items picked up from the customer, both laundry and non-laundry. (All plastic bags may be discarded)
  • Ensure the washer and dryer you use are free from grease and otherwise completely clean.
  • Separate loads by color.
  • Empty pockets, close zippers and fasteners, ans ensure items are right side out before washing.
  • Sort and fold laundry on a clean, elevated surface. Never on the floor.
  • Be suspect of innocent looking puddles - it could be bleach that will damage clothes.

Suggested equipment for jobs:

  • Detergent
  • Dryer sheets or dryer balls
  • Pre-treatment spray
  • Plain white ivory soap
  • Laundry sanitizer
  • Ziploc bags
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Multiple laundry baskets
  • Plastic hangers
  • Fold-out drying rack

Washing Suggestions:

  • Wear a fresh set of rubber gloves for each customer's job.
  • Use multiple laundry baskets for sorting and handling clothes.
  • Check all pockets and put loose items in a zipper storage bag to return to the customer.
  • Close zippers and fasteners for washing
  • Pre-treat stains and/or use cold water and ivory soap to work them out before washing.
  • Don't ever use hot water to clean stains, it can set the stain.
  • Test colorfastness of new/dark clothes in a separate container of warm/hot water.
  • Never use wire hangers that can rust onto damp clothes. Use plastic instead.
  • Use laundry sanitizer with each load.
  • Do not use bleach (even for wholly white clothes) laundry sanitizer is color safe and does the same job.
  • Wash whites on hot, and darks on warm/cold.
  • Hot water can shrink sweaters, wash 'em cool.
  • Check washed items for stubborn stains. Do not dry stained items, but re-wash them.

Drying Suggestions:

  • Remove clothes from the washer ASAP to avoid smell and/or mildew.
  • Use a fold-out drying rack for non-tumble dry items like sweaters.
  • Do not put wool items in the dryer.
  • Check washed items for stubborn stains and re-wash if necessary.
  • Shake clothes when switching to dryer to reduce wrinkles
  • Use dryer sheets or dryer balls.
  • Dry clothes with open fasteners.
  • Keep fabrics that attract lint (like flannel) away from items (like towels) that give off lint.
  • Toss the clothes in your dryer without compacting them at all.
  • Check the label on clothes before drying them.
  • Remove clothes from the dryer immediately after the cycle finishes to avoid wrinkles.

Laundry Symbol Guide

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Do not wash Machine wash Machine Wash Gentle Cycle Hand Wash Short Cycle


Not above 30 degrees Not above 40 degrees Not above 50 degrees Not above 60 degrees Not above 70 degrees Not above 95 degrees


Do not machine dry Machine dry Do not tumble dry Tumble dry Hang to dry Dry Flat


Iron Iron on low heat Iron on Medium heat Iron on High heat No steam Do not steam


Do not bleach Bleach NonChlorine bleach Do not dryClean DryClean