Londr - Washer Tips & Tricks

Washer Tips & Tricks

Washer Instructions

  1. We will publish jobs via SMS from 208-225-6831 with a city, name, and number of bags. Accept the job by following the link in the text and pressing ‘Accept’.
  2. Drive to pick up the laundry at the time specified on the job. Sort, wash, dry and fold the laundry. Please follow the requirements and suggestions below.
  3. Put folded laundry in new bags.
  4. Return the job to the customer and mark the job 'Delivered' at washer.londr.com.

How to make money

To receive job notifications and accept payment, you’ll need to complete your washer profile once added to the service.

Going to the laundromat can give you a better dollar-per-hour rate, even though your overall pay is less. However, doing the wash at home may feel less like you're "on the job". Here is an example for a large 2 bag job:

Going to the laundromat will take less time, but doing the wash at home will give you more take home pay.

Washer Requirements


  1. Rubber gloves
  2. Plastic hangers
  3. Fold-out drying rack
  4. Laundry sanitizer
  5. Shout pre-treatment spray
  6. Plain white ivory soap
  7. Dryer sheets or dryer balls
  8. Ziploc bags
  9. Multiple laundry baskets
  10. Detergent

Washing Suggestions

At a Laundromat

Be suspect of innocent looking puddles, they could be bleach that will damage clothes.

Drying Suggestions

laundy drying care symbols