Londr - How to have a great experience

How to have a great experience with Londr

  • No "clumps" of any kind! Any amount of non-clothing material large enough to form a "clump", "chunk" or "ball" is not permitted. This includes bodily by-products, pet hair, food, grease, wood shavings, etc.. Please pre-treat, or do not send, these items.
  • Don’t send dry clean, hand wash only or pieces of collectible or sentimental value.
  • Items with special instructions should be placed in a separate bag with a note attached. New clothes or dark jeans should be sent specially to ensure they’re handled to prevent color bleeding.
  • If you require special detergents (like dye and fragrance free) please specify.
  • Send delicates for washing in your own lingerie bag.
  • Still spot treat stains at home as soon as they happen, your clothes will thank you.


  • How does Londr work?

    Use the Londr app to place an order specifying how much laundry you have and any special instructions. You'll then be matched with a washer in your area. Set the laundry out on the porch, and your washer will pick up, wash, dry, fold, organize, and deliver your laundry ready to be put away.

  • How much does Londr cost?

    $39 per bag. A Londr bag can hold approx. 1 week of laundry for 4 people!

  • How do I get a Londr bag?

    Londr bags can be purchased for $9 using your account on the Londr app.

  • Where does Londr operate?

    Wherever you are. We are in large cities and small towns all over the USA. If we don't have people in your area yet, we will find people in your area and notify you when you can place your order. Also, the more you share, the more we're there! Please share posts from any of our social platforms and get the Londr love going in your area.

  • Is there a Londr app?

    Yes! The Londr app is available for download. You'll find it on your device's app store.

  • What if I have allergies? Or special requests?

    Need your clothes washed in a home free from pets? Need dye and fragrance free detergent? Just say so in the special instructions on the order. Our washers are asked to honor any special instructions you give, or to not take the order.

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